About Lash Factor

Lash Factor was founded by Angelina Salacinski. Angelina has been in the lash industry for a number of years and has gained recognition for her work and is known for her dedication to her profession.

She has helped many lash technicians over the years by giving them help and advice.

A Message From Angelina

I am a wife and mother first and foremost but lashing is my other great love. When I started in this industry, I trained with loose lashes and there were only a couple of different lash curls available at that time. That was 9 years ago now.

Now we have so much choice and there are new and exciting products coming out almost daily. The problem with this is that everyone is confused as to which products to buy.

I test all my products myself and am continually sourcing and testing products. Most of the products I sell, I use myself. Obviously we all have different techniques and different preferences, so I hope that I can cater to everyone's needs.

I am also a distributor in the U.K for Elleebana. I tested this product a couple of years ago and was so impressed with it that I contacted the manufacturer's and asked if I could distribute the product here in the U.K.

I am a senior journalist for Lash Inc magazine which is a global magazine dedicated to the lash industry.

I have also written an article and featured in the new Lash-Ed magazine that launched this year.

I have had work featured in Lash Inc magazine. I won 1st place in Lila's Creativity contest in 2015 and was also the winner of the 2016 master category of 4d+ contest.

I was also a finalist in the 2016 Lash Festival competition which sees contestants from all over the world.
I also am a  lash judge and was a judge at the very first lash lift competition in the UK.

I helped launch Brow Box Pro, a quarterly subscription pack filled with brow products from some of the top brow brands in the country.

I will be adding more products to the website once they have passed my stringent testing!

I hope you love my products as much as I do.

Angelina x