Lash Adhesives

At Lash Factor, we’ve curated our line of high-quality eyelash extension glue with all lash techs in mind. No matter how quickly you work, we have a lash adhesive to suit. Our range of professional lash glues includes our incredibly fast Lightning glue to our slower setting Magnet. We also stock a clear adhesive that’s suitable for coloured lashes, as well as a sensitive and cyanoacrylate-free option. Use alongside a nanomister to fully cure the lashes.

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Please note that our adhesives (except for Infinty. Please read listing on how to use Infinity) are ‘new generation’ adhesives. Our cyanoacrylate expert advice to always shake with the lid on. Do not ‘burp’ the bottles. Jade stones, tape. crystal or glass may reduce the properties of the adhesives. We recommend placing on plastic wells which will keep the adhesive fresher for longer. Shake the bottle thoroughly, then leave to stand for a minute or so before dispensing out a drop. There is no need to put a new ‘blob’ out every 10-15 minutes with our adhesives; they are fine grade and not like the traditional adhesives. Please follow our instructions for all our adhesives.

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