Elleeplex Profusion Sample

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Say hello to our NEW vegan-friendly formula for lash and brow lamination.

Elleebana’s latest ProFusion lash and brow system allows you to do both – lift lashes and laminate brows using the same product. It is fantastic for artists providing both services and also great for those lash lift artists just starting off and worried about over-processing lashes as this formulation is much more forgiving than Elleebana original lash lift lotions.

These sample packs are perfect for if you have the odd client every now and then, or great to test the product before purchasing the full kit.



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Elleebana’s latest Profusion lash and brow system allows you to offer your customers luscious lifted lashes and brow lamination using the same product. It is fantastic for artists providing both services and also great for those lash lift artists just starting off and worried about over-processing lashes as this formulation is much more forgiving than Elleebana original lash lift lotions.


Lash Lift Timings

Lift Lotion: process for 5-10 minutes, depending on the length of the client’s lashes:

  • Very fine hair – 5 minutes
  • Medium hair – 8 minutes
  • Thick hair up to 10 minutes. Using a heat source can help give quicker results.

Setting Lotion: process for 5-8 minutes.

Brow Lamination Timings

Lift Lotion: process for 4-6 minutes. DO NOT use it for longer than 8 minutes.

Setting Lotion: process for 4-6 minutes.

As an optional extra nourishment boost to hairs, mix a small drop of Elleeplex Re-Gen (NextGen Cream version – ration of 8 parts setting lotion to 1 part Re Gen) into setting lotion step and mix well with the application brush.

Storage Instructions:

Elleeplex sachets are temperature sensitive and require temperature below 24 degrees Celcius always – both night and day. For this reason, we recommend storing the sachets in the refrigerator. Do not, however, allow the product to freeze, they must be kept above 4 degrees Celcius in the refrigerator and removed when required.

If you have chosen to refrigerate the lotions, you will need to have these lotions return to room temperature before use. It is also important that if you are working in a room environment that is warm or even hot you will experience faster than normal processing of the lotions.

This means that if a client would normally process correctly at 6 mins lift and 6 mins setting, but your environment or room temperature is extraordinarily hot you might need to drop your timings down by one or two minutes each step.



Lift Lotion Sachets: Water (purified water), Cysteamine HCL, Cetyl Alcohol, Ethanolamine, Ceteareth-25, Parfum, Tetrasodium EDTA.

Setting Lotion Sachets: Water (purified water), Hydrogen Peroxide, Cetyl Alcohol, Paraffinum Liquidum, Phosphoric Acid, Ceteareth-25, Tetrasodium EDTA.


Additional Information:

  1. TGA Free: this means no thioglycolic acid or its derivatives. This is forming a strong part of the next phase in lash lifting ingredients globally and with evolving raw material research and formulations Elleebana is once again leading the way with our water light cream emulsions in the new Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow system.
  2. Lash Bond Integrity: This is maintained with the use of a highly evolved Cysteamine Hydrochloride formula that minimises the chance of over-processing with a nourishing lash damage defense system formulated into the easy to use system.
  3. Strengthens: lashes and gives a longer, fuller, and more defined transformative result to a lash or brow lamination. Combined with Elleeplex ReGEN “Next Gen”, the amino acid technology and plant extracts make this system a rejuvenation for the industry’s standards and a radiance that is reactivated for clients.
  4. Vegan Friendly: not tested on animals and the raw materials used in the formulation contain no materials derived or sourced from animals, animal tissue, tissue extract, etc.
  5. Single-Use Sachets: you might be interested to know that we surveyed clients and researched the use of bottles/tubes versus sachets and every customer identified to us that they throw our their shampoo bottle before getting to the bottom of the bottle. They also identified that the tubes break or get blocked or clogged. We have come to the conclusion that sachets are truly the best way to store the product for sale which ensures continued freshness, zero unwanted air exposure.
  6. Dual System: suitable for use on both lashes and brows so the salon investment is less than having to stock a range for each service (one for lash lifting and another for brow lamination).
  7. Results That Last: 6 to 8 weeks with a reduced chance of irregular grow out in the lash growth cycle.
  8. Fast To Process: while this system is not as fast as the original Elleebana Lash Lift system, the development of the steps has been formulated in a unique way to still remain a speedy process for salons. Please note, if you currently use Elleebana lash lifting system, the timings with the ProFusion system will be different. Please follow instructions inside the kit or provided it with your order. We still have a variety of times listed on the packaging based on the hair structure, density, and resistance because the client is the variable and the system needs to be processed accordingly.
  9. Health Canada Approved: with no Sodium Bromate. Throughout many countries around the world, Sodium bromate is being banned for use as you know in lash products/brow products and therefore we needed a system that was ahead of that coming trend with a variety of other countries also the following suit very quickly after Canada’s changes over 12 months ago.
  10. Produced and Formulated by Otto: one of the few brands in the world with a cosmetic chemist at the forefront of the brand, producing products with the salon in mind. Otto speaks Globally (when he can) at conferences and educates thousands of salons each year. Moreover, however, he listens to what salons want and can take that feedback back to the lab.


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profusion lift lotion - step 1

profusion lift lotion - step 2

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